My First Pansit Creation

My very first 'pansit bihon' (a filipino noodle dish) creation. Pansit is part of a filipino's celebration. Those of you who really know me, know that I am not particularly fond of cooking. But you also know that I am a very devoted mom. Well, my son Phil attended a potluck get-together a couple of weeks ago for the ICEX Malta '09 team dinner. As most of you already know, he was selected among 6 Computer Engineering students to be part of Cal Poly's International Computer Engineering Experience (ICEX) program. The team had a potluck dinner to have a chance to 'bond' outside of technical training as they start to feel the excitement of their upcoming trip to Malta (they will be leaving on March 20th-the day after our son turns 22). Hench, my first 'pansit' creation:)...after all, it is truly a cause for celebration.

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