My last weekend in March

My DH, Russ, took Isabella to her scheduled reading time for this year's 22nd annual KIWANIS-VAN NORMAN SIGHT READ ALOUD CONTEST as I had to work at the dance studio. I was able to join them for the awards ceremony attended by around 300 competitors. Isabella was awarded a third place medal in the 4th grade division.

Then we were off to The Dance City in Santa Maria to get new jazz shoes for Isabella's growing dancer feet; but not before stopping at Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven to price out a guitar for daddy's little girl as he is excited to give "baby girl" guitar lessons...I think it would be a fabulous daddy-daughter bonding time don't you think? She found the perfect purple guitar...I'll be sure to post a photo of their first jamming session. Sunday of course is reserved for one of my spiritual disciplines. I was thrilled to have my hubby and baby girl with me during Sunday service. Well, I think that sums it up for my fabulous weekend.

Our 16yr old Ian took the bus to the Bay Area Friday afternoon to spend time with bro, Immanuel. They worked on his Supra the whole of Saturday then he had to board the bus again back to SLO at midnight (no availability for students coming back after spring break). Daddy picked him up at the bus station at 4am. Funny thing, our fire alarm went off VERY LOUDLY (I think it's a signal to check batteries or something) at around 3:30am sending Russ out the door after having been "alarmed" from a deep doze:) And he believed me when I said I set the alarm to go off (lol).

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