Organizing Cleaning Tools: To Conceal or To Reveal?

It's time for a post on living A Beautiful Life: 12 months of Goals as inspired by The Inspired Room. This month's goal is organizing.

As a full time stay-at-home mom, I spend the largest portion of my life at home. With that said, I make it a point to pay special attention to the details of the lives we live in the sanctuary of our home. Decorating, organizing, and cleaning is a big part of my daily homemaking ritual.

I used to get frustrated stuffing my broom and dustpan in the little space in between the washer and dryer. Not only does the sight look unappealing and disorganized, it also deforms the 'walis' (special broom) I use. As a way to make cleaning more fun and efficient for me, I organized my usual cleaning tools within easy access. I revamped the laundry room area by changing the mirror on the wall to one with hooks where I can hang my cleaning tools. It may not look as pretty as the former mirror but it certainly is more functional. This simple change allowed for efficiency and elevated my daily homemaking ritual into something more pleasant.

the photo below shows a peek of the laundry room from the kitchen leading to the garage

this is the wall with the pretty mirror given by a dear friend of mine (which by the way I moved to a more prominent place in dining room)

This is the new mirror with hooks for my cleaning tools. On the other wall I have a matching wall memo board with smaller hooks for car keys. It is a very helpful and functional piece of wall decor that serve dual purposes. Not only is it a perfect place to hang keys as we come in from the garage, it's also the perfect place to jot down reminders as we head out. The memo board is a great reminder serving as a quick checklist for things I often forget (i.e. sunglasses, hat, water bottle, and any other relevant info.).

I debated whether to conceal or reveal my cleaning tools. The determining factor in my decision to reveal is the fact that these cleaning tools are used quite often throughout the day. I needed for them to be organized within easy access. I don't know why it took some deliberation on my part when there is a door to the laundry room that I can shut whenever I need them concealed for whatever reason...goes to show how I tend to overthink and complicate things...hence the quest for simplicity:)


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Very clever!

Thanks for sharing!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

That's a genius idea actually! I've seen these mirrors around, and think it would be a perfect solution for my laundry room! Excellent tip! Currently I have the brooms hanging from hooks, but this actually makes it more a decorative feature as opposed to them "just hanging there"!