A Blessing in Disguise: Clutch Failure

Looking back,We see with great clarity,
What once appeared as difficulties
Now reveal themselves as blessings.
~Dan Milman~

Last night at midnight I got a call from my son, Immanuel. As a mom, getting a call from my son at midnight makes my heart jump out and I'm suddenly awake and alert in an instant.

Immanuel: "Mom I'm stuck in the freeway"

mom: "What happened!?"

Immanuel: "My clutch gave out...what should I do...can you call AAA?...hold on, my friend is calling"

I'm thinking to myself, did I renew our membership with AAA? Well, to add to my already anxious state, I realized I didn't renew the membership (must have been an area of cut back).

I was in panic mode at this time. Fortunately, hubby dear was almost in that area from his usual 3hr drive back to the Bay Area that night and ready to come to our son's rescue. But how do I tell him I had not renewed the membership? Luckily, grandpa Dennis has membership, and together with grandma, they too were willing and able to come to Immanuel's rescue .

Now why is all that a blessing in disguise you wonder?

Well, the story behind this "predicament" is that some "dudes" were trying to provoke a race. In an effort to get away, Immanuel forced the already weak clutch (his car is scheduled for clutch work ever since his "deer avoidance" accident about a month ago)...hence, the "clutch fail". Who knows what would have happened had the clutch not failed. I, myself, used to have a tendency to react to provoking driving conditions. I firmly believe that this dilemma was a blessing in disguise.

Not to mention the other added blessings that came out of it. You see, Immanuel and grandma have been having "relational issues" driving some sort of "wedge" in their precious grandma-grandson relationship. Well, this dilemma served as a great testimony and assurance to my son that his family will always be there for him no matter what. And what about the blessing of joy this gives to a mom's heart...knowing that my son knows he can count on his family...Priceless! (I will have to think about this when the bill from the clutch doctor comes in:)

I have so many tales to tell of "Blessings in Disguise". I'm thinking maybe I should start a series on this subject. God indeed works in mysterious ways, and always for our good. I am truly grateful.

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Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

Very cool! Must have scared you to death when that phone started ringing.