Simple things that give ambiance...Ambiance!

There are just a couple of blog sites that I truly enjoy and "follow". One of them is The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels. I have come to love this site so much because she has a lot of inspiring posts and ideas for a balanced and beautiful life. In the beginning of the year, Melissa launched a new series called: A Beautiful Life: 12 months of Goals. The simple title is inspiring and pretty much self explanatory. For every month, there is a corresponding "theme" or "key word" as a goal for living a beautiful life. For January it was all about balance, which ironically I missed, because I wasn't as balanced as I needed to be (you know those times when life throws you "curve balls"? took me a while to regain my equilibrium). Well I'm back in "balance" (thank God for the blessing of solitude) and I want to share in this month's goal for living a beautiful life... Ambiance.

I have this small and simple yet inspiring "sitting area" in our master's bedroom. This sitting area is one of my "meditation spots" for my time of solitude. It overlooks my outdoor meditation spot and has a peek of the ocean which is my other meditation spot outside of the home.

This is an old off-white love seat that we used to have before I redecorated our living room. I covered it with the same fabric and decor theme in our master's bedroom...Asian inspired. For me its conducive for meditation.
for an added ambiance, I put together a tray housing a few of my favorite things.

On the opposite side of this sitting area is my office area which has my wall of gratitude.
This inspiration wall/wall of gratitude is filled with things that are close to my heart, like memories of precious family togetherness, faith notes post its, and other things that serve as reminders of a joyful life. These reminders of solitude and gratitude to me are the simple things that give ambiance... Ambiance!

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JanMary said...

Love your post. I spot a familiar book (in the middle of your pile). What a lovely idea to have a Gratitude wall.

Thanks for sharing.

Gayle said...

So serene and lovely, I can feel the peace.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

I too love Melissa's inspiring series of a Beautiful Life. Your office wall is very inspiring as well!