Adding Cheer to Housework

There are days when my housework gets overwhelming. It happened to me this week upon my return from a week-end visit from our home by the bay. I stop myself right away from complaining about cleaning. I remind myself that it is a blessing having homes to clean.

So, to add cheer to doing my housework, I thought of putting on my inspiring apron I won from a giveaway at The Inspired Room....Jewel Box Home (Small House Stories) Giveaway. As soon as I put on my apron, my mood changed! definitely added cheer to my housework. This is not my idea by the way. I read about this from a book by Alexandra Stoddard called Living a Beautiful Life. I consider it a great blessing coming accross this book one "library day" with my DD, Isabella. It is such an inspiring book with simple and divine "grace notes" that give practical inspirations for living a beautiful of which is putting on an apron while doing housework! It's a great coincidence, I found later, that Alexandra Stoddard is also a source of inspiration for Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room!

Alexandra Stoddard believes "beauty can be achieved in the smallest, simplest ways, and this beauty enriches your work experience. The attitude of caring about beauty in the least of things can elevate your work experience into a creative art form". And I definitely agree...this apron is a simple detail that uplifts the spirits and elevates chores into fun! icing on a cake!

I love this cute apron by Practically Necessary. I especially love the pocket with an embroidery saying: make it it! Thanks to The Inspired Room and The Jewel Box Home.

Another thing I put on to add cheer to my housework is my colorful and very comfy toe socks:) It's very cheerful don't you think? and stylish? well, maybe not...but definitely comfy and fun-ny:)

I apologize for the color doesn't give the cute apron the justice it deserves. But those PJ's are so comfy I was willing to sacrifice style. It doesn't matter...the apron is still cute...and together with my toe socks, they add cheer to housework.

Cheers!... to housework!

when I get overwhelmed with so much to-do's, I try to remember this:
I've learned....That the Lord didn't do it all in one day;
What makes me think I can?

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Radiate Light said...

Cute apron, pj pants and toe socks!