Search for Dance School and Fitness Club

So many exciting activities to blog about since last Saturday.

Russ went with mom and I to the 9:00 service. Then he took Belle to a promised afternoon of bowling. And he was off back to Union City...with my mom!

It felt strange being alone after the kids were off to school. I had a chance to search for dance schools for Belle and fitness centers for me. Belle and I visited two schools: Coastal Dance in Shell Beach and Academy of Dance in San Luis Obispo. Coastal Dance is a very charming studio at a home very close to Isabella’s school. It is owned by a former dance teacher at the Academy of Dance in SLO which, in contrast to Coastal Dance, is a big school with 3 studios, a childcare center, a store, and lots of students. Isabella liked the atmosphere, location, and the teacher at Coastal Dance.

I had three fitness centers on my list
1. Avila Bay Athletic Club & Spa
2. Kennedy Club Fitness
3. Pismo Beach Athletic Club

I chose Pismo Beach Athletic Club (PBAC) also for its atmosphere and location (close to Isabella's school and the beach).

I cooked corned beef and cabbage soup for lunch and Phil & I ate together before he left for school. Then we left the house together at around 11:00 to get gas. He headed off for school and I was off to PBAC to join a class called Body Flow. It was a perfect class to start with because it wasn’t strenuous but very relaxing. It’s a combination of yoga and pilates. I had a great time stretching and meditating.

In the afternoon, after picking up the kids, we took Belle to Coastal Dance. She had a great class and expressed she wants to go two times a week. The teacher said she's very good and can come to the older kids class on Wednesdays also.

Then we went to Costo to get some groceries and pizza. On the way home, I really wanted to attend the Body Jam class at PBAC . The kids agreed they will stay in the car and eat the pizza and do homework while I attend the class. As it turned out the class was doing an aids benefit and there was a local news crew covering it. There were three instructors dressed in sexy exercise outfits with crystals. In the middle of the class, the assistant manager came and informed me that my kids were trying to get into daycare but because of the special event the daycare is full. They allowed them to stay in the reception area where there was a couch and a TV. The class was great and my kids behaved very well (so raved by the reception area)...needless to say, I had a very wonderful time.

Paperwork day.
At around 1:30 I left to go shopping for athletic clothing. Phil called and informed me that he is coming home as his next class is cancelled. I picked him up at home and he went with me to pick up Ian. Ian came out later than usual. He said he spoke to his counselor and changed his forensic/speech class to a required skills for success class. Then we picked up Belle and we all took her to dance class. As it turned out, she was the only one there as the other students called in sick. The teacher initially said she can’t have class with just one student but she will show Isabella what they are learning in the class for just a little bit. She ended up teaching Isabella for a full hour. She said she’s getting goose bumps from her amazement at how fast Isabella learns. I have to say I was amazed too. I know how focused Isabella is, but she executed combinations learned for the very first time as if she has been doing them all her life.
The teacher showed her several dance combinations, then they did a broadway style jazz dance, and then they changed to tap shoes and she taught her tap. By this time, the next class students came. The teacher proudly introduced Isabella and asked if she can show Isabella off for just a little bit. The teacher said: "Look you guys, I just showed her these steps just now..." And she counts, 5,6,7,8,... and Isabella did the combination of chasse, pas de bouree, chasse, ball change, left and right across the room in such a graceful manner that the other students also asked in amazement, "she just learned that?". Her brothers were dying to go home at this point but were very proud of her nonetheless. We called dad, who is in Reno on business, and shared the great experience.

I attended a 9:30am trial adult dance class at Coastal Dance. I thanked the teacher for yesterday's private one-on-one lesson for Isabella. She truly is a great teacher. Very knowledgeable, thorough and positive. Her love and commitment to the art of dance is very evident in her teaching. I really feel very fortunate to have found this place. It's a very intimate and nurturing environment. There is also a private patio with unobstructed ocean view and a beautiful public coastal park with beach access just down the street.

The teacher once again expressed her appreciation over Isabella's natural "gift". She was saying this in front of another adult student that came same time I did. She said she taught a lot of great students but it's not often to come across natural talent like Isabella. I was so proud as this teacher has an impressive resume including serving as Executive Director of the Civic Ballet of San Luis obispo for ten years, serving as Production and Stage Manager for the Company. She also has a California Teaching Credential and Master of Education from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Anyways, needless to say again, I had a great oblique, legs and arms were hurting after class. Then I stopped at Belle’s school to drop off her journal that she left at home. When she came home she said that her teacher asked her to read her journal in class and commented that she is a great reader and writer.

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