Isabella's first day of school

It's Isabella's first day of school. We were all excited for her. Dad took her to school and I took Ian to drop off his paperwork at his school (he doesn't start until tomorrow). Then we met up with belle and dad at the elementary school. I met Kim, the office secretary, who left me her personal cell phone number during the christmas break so that I can reach her for any concerns. I observed that she knew every student that came in the office by name. It's very comforting to know that this is a very friendly atmosphere. Sure enough, when we got to Isabella's room, the teacher was very friendly and she introduced her to two friendly girls who were in the room at the time. Then they were off to the playground overlooking the ocean. What a view! Someone even informed us that they see whales every now and then. We left seeing Isabella holding hands with her two new friends.

Then we headed to the nearby Port to buy some fresh crabs and oysters which we had for lunch. "What a life!" Russ joyfully expressed. What a life indeed.

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