Another great day in Pismo

Yesterday morning Isabella & I played "spa". She had a bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub and I had a foot bath while relaxing in my pink video bean bag and reading a wonderful book from an angel friend . "This is the life!"

It was Russ' birthday yesterday. He came via Amtrak as we took both the MPV and the 626 with us last Friday. The Benz will serve as Immanuel's transportation until Tuesday when Russ leaves after our appointment with the principal at Ian's high school. Russ was not feeling well when he arrived so we decided to celebrate his birthday the following day (today). Isabella’s idea for a celebration is going bowling as she has been having "bowling itch" since Reno.

This morning, mom & I got ready for church. It was a wonderful service, part I of a series entitled Healthy, Balanced and Free. Though I will surely miss my church I am also looking forward to this new series in this new church.

So after the service, we all headed down the beach. We ate at Splash Cafe then we walked to Pismo bowl. After taking some pictures, mom & I headed down the beach again. That overflowing feeling of gratitude overwhelms my soul once more.

When we got home we had dinner and Isabella took a bubble bath with dad. Now its time for me to put her to bed. What a great day!

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