Happy New Year to all!

We drove back to our home by the bay on New Year's Eve. The drive was a great family bonding time not to mention a chance to contemplate the new year. Normally, I dread the long drive at the thought of cleaning the other home. As I contemplate, I am enlightened to the blessings around me. A great and loving family, and homes I can truly call home. I am reminded that we have been blessed with more than one home. My reflection brought me to the realization that cleaning is my way of blessing our home. I like that.

This morning is indeed a very happy start to a new year for me. Russ, Isabella, and I, had an early start. We had breakfast at McDonald's and went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Then we worked efficiently as a great team, cleaning and organizing with Isabella as our Project Manager (brothers were still asleep at this point). When brothers woke up, it was time to break for lunch. We all had a great lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. And we're all back as a team to more rewarding cleaning and organizing (certainly rewarding for Russ and I though I can't speak for the kids:)). We went to bed satisfied and grateful for the blessing of much needed energy and patience...we blessed our home. I love that.

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