Epiphany and my goals for 2009

January 6th is a special day for me. There are many "titles" given in commemoration of this day. It is the 12th day of Christmas, Christmastide, Twelve-tide, Three Kings day, and my favourite designation for this day, The Epiphany and my dear husband's birthday. That said, let me give you the epiphany on epiphany. Here are some definitions:

from wikipedia

  • An epiphany is the sudden realization or comprehension of the (larger) essence or meaning of something

  • The term is used in either a philosophical or literal sense to signify that the claimant has "found the last piece of the puzzle and now sees the whole picture,"

my thoughts

  • a revelation or manifestation of the holy
  • aha! moment
  • moment of clarity (as in the new book by Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Moments of Clarity)
  • discovery found in solitude
  • seek and you shall find...and the truth will set you free...this, to me, is epiphany defined.

The beginning of my goals for 2009 that will hopefully manifest as my personal creed

  • not just busyness but fruitfulness
  • contentment but not passivity
  • not a penny-pincher or spendthrift but a wise steward of all resources bestowed to me

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