Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful, casual, intimate, and relaxing family Thanksgiving.

We planned on driving to our home by the bay last Wednesday, but I caught a cold. My DH and I were both feeling "icky" Wednesday morning so we decided to stay put. We called our darling middle son, Immanuel, to come drive up here instead. He arrived late Wednesday afternoon and Isabella was ecstatic having all her brothers around her (another one of my heavenly moments:)). I am truly grateful. We stayed up until 2am (I talked them to sleep:)).

We had a late start Thanksgiving morning. My DH prepared the turkey (you know me and cooking don't go very well together not to mention my bird phobia:), and that is a really big bird). Our darling son, Phil, prepared the stuffing. I prepared apple and pumpkin pies (Mrs. Smith's:)). Then we had all the trimmings...mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry, and candied yams. yum! (but I'm dying for filipino foods:)). Then we feasted but not before we said our grace full of thanksgiving for we are indeed, truly grateful.

Though I'm not very good at taking photos, and the fact that my family aren't really camera friendly, I managed to capture a couple of precious Thanksgiving memories....

The boys left for our home by the bay with Immanuel. It's brotherhood bonding time for them. And they'd be able to bring me back some filipino foods:).

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