Family Update

I turned 41!

I read somewhere that birthdays is the beginning of one's own personal new year.

So I guess it's time for my own personal new year's resolutions...(stay tuned on a separate post)

for now, a family update...

I had to work in the morning of my birthday at the dance studio. I also worked the previous afternoon so I was kinda tired when I got home. I was pampered by my DH Russ as he bought me lunch and served it in bed. Then he made a sumptuously creative dinner, a combination of 10 different vegetables on a bed of pasta (no name for this particular I said...creative!) We had a very nice and healthy family dinner with corn and salad. And of course, it won't be complete without my favourite chocolatey cake not to mention a happy birthday song and dance number from my DD and the family's dancer. Then there were great well wishes from family and friends closest to my heart. It was a blessed 41st birthday...I am {Simply Grateful}.

P.S. there were no candles on the cake in fear of activating the fire alarm:)

The night before...Happy Halloween '08

Here is our "mooning pumpkin" ...Isabella's idea she got from one of her library books.

It got plenty of chuckles from Trick-or-treaters

Isabella's creative costume she handmade herself. She painted a cardboard and downloaded a creepy font to label it "Monster Gum".

I don't know what Phil is supposed to be. The red cape is supposed to be Ian's as a Spartan but his helmet was not ordered. So Phil used it as a Mexican something instead.

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