Christmas Card and Newsletter Check!

I am finally done designing our Christmas card and writing our Christmas family newsletter. I did not get to schedule a family photo shoot as I had hoped to do, but, luckily for me, we have a very nice formal family photo from our cruise this year.

For the last 13 years, a family Christmas newsletter has been an annual part of our Christmas tradition. It used to be included with our Christmas cards. But for the last two years, for "green" efforts, our newsletters were only made available online. This year though, I decided to again include our newsletter with our cards. In as much as I don't like paper clutter, the whole preparation adds to the festivities of the season, not to mention the several older family members having accessibility and navigating issues with the world wide web.

Newsletters is a great document of family "happenings" over the years. I have it filed in one place. Isabella had a timeline project a couple of weeks ago. We took out our newsletter binder and voila...we had her timeline joyfully done in no time.

Here is this year's very simple Christmas card lay-out

Here is the photo pasted on the Christmas card I found for $1.99 for a package of 16!:)

Then inside I attached our newsletter, designed the same size as the card, booklet style.

Now I can enjoy assembling the cards and addressing the envelopes. and decorating. and presents. and food. and family. and friends...ahhh the joys of Christmas!

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