Putting our house in order

The hardest step in tackling a dreaded task is taking the first step. But once you get started it gives you this sense of accomplishment turning the dreaded task into an exciting project.

I am {Simply} Grateful for my Labor Day Weekend Nesting

Cleaning and organizing a closet is so much like cleaning and organizing the mind.

A de-cluttered closet enables us to see our clothes and accessories more clearly making it easier to find needed things and more fun preparing/getting ready whenever we need to.

A clean and organized mind allows for clearer thoughts making it easier to 'find' whatever it is we need to understand.

I may be a ways to an organized home but I am simply grateful for the progress I am making in clearing my soul.

De-cluttering the soul of worries and anxieties allows for a quiet heart making it easier to 'find' the peace and joy amidst the clutter in a not so clean world.

This is what the Lord says: Put your house in order. - Isaiah 38:1

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