Shopping: "Recharging" Ritual

Stanford Shopping Mall 02/20/12

Shopping is one of the many rituals I enjoy doing in order to recharge myself (especially if I'm with people I love).  I consider it a great blessing that my darling daughter and I enjoy doing this ritual together.

The people who know me, REALLY know me, know that I can go shopping without necessarily having to buy anything.  I don't go for the fun of buying....I go for the pure joy of shopping... as in taking time and lingering as we browse through the beautiful shops and boutiques...touching and feeling soft fabrics, delighting in colours and aromas (I love smelling candles).  The whole experience seems to recharge my creativity and energy.

And it's always an extra treat when we end our day with my favorites....desserts and coffee! (hot cocoa for my sweet Isabella)

And shopping also becomes a heavenly fellowship when with sister(s)-in-Christ.

This post is inspired by a kindred blog: The Inspired Room


Anonymous said...

Awwww! So sweet... I love it... its aways my pleasure spending time with you...

Imelda@Inspired Simplicity said...

Thanks Ruby my dear friend! Yes, we have many memories of this ritual and fellow-shipping!!!

Cecile said...

OMG 'melds!!! Where ever did you find those pictures! What great times we had...and still do!

Imelda@Inspired Simplicity said...

yes my dear ate Cecile we have so many memories of these great times together...what I call my "recharging rituals"....from shopping to creating to movies to the ranch and the beach...absolutely blessed!!!

btw those photos were from our time in Santana Row back in 2006. tea time at Lisa's Tea Treasures.