Greece Trip 1995

Thanks to the study on the book of John which allowed me to recollect our travel to Greece back in 1995.  It allowed much appreciation and gratitude for the grace of God that I'm talking about.  I know I'm a work in progress and far from being truly Christ-like, but I also know that I have come a long way.  I'm ever so grateful that I'm not the same apathetic and selfish person I used to be; or at least for the most part:)

In recalling our travel to Greece, I was able to scan the very limited photos and memorabilia I have of our trip.  Yet another proof of my former uncaring self.  I didn't care much about taking photos then.  I didn't give it much thought. Maybe because I was so much more involved in shopping that even pausing to take photos would take away from my precious shopping time.  And then the grace of God.  What a coincidence that my BFF now is a photographer! I only have very few really close friends.  I can count them in one hand.  But each one of them have something in common.  Something that I didn't have.  Something that God wanted to show and give me....unselfishness.  Each friend is a picture of a caring and giving persona.  Characteristics that God wanted me to have if I am to become more like Him.  He gave me friends and a husband possessing these characteristics lacking in me so that I can see first hand.  Sort of like Jesus Christ becoming flesh so that we can "see".  And then the grace of God.  Those godly characteristics finally rubbed off on me.  I finally care now! And it gave way for deep joy and peace to come in to my heart.  And as for taking photos, thank God for camera phones!:)  On that note, here are the very few photos I have of our entire trip to Greece in March 21-27, 1995. (A total of 6 photos, 3 taken by me:), and 6 ticket memorabilia I managed to keep:))

Russ in Athens

 Russ at the Museum

Russ and me at a dinner in Athens

Russ and me at a dinner on the ship


Me at the Gate of Hercules in Ephesus

 This is all I have for Patmos:(
At least I managed to keep our ticket:)

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