Easter 2011

We're already well into the month of May and I'm just now posting our Easter 2011. I did post this on my Facebook page. The convenience of Facebook sometimes takes the place of blogging. OK, I guess I'm just justifying my lateness.

Isabella and I left for Pismo right after I picked her up from school, Friday, April 22nd (no ballet class at SFB). We stopped at Cal Poly to pick up Ian at his dorm.

As soon as we got to the house, Isabella and I posed for a photo-op in the backyard while Phil was barbecuing.

Then it was pure relaxation at our home sweet Pismo Beach home.

The following day, Russ and I had the pleasure of watching Isabella at CDMA's company class from 9-11am. It was a great treat for Russ and I as we don't really get to watch Isabella during classes at SFB. We were very pleased and proud of her progress not to mention the joy and passion that shows through her dancing. We're so grateful.

Then we were off to pick up the boys to head to the Easter Egg hunt at Dinosaur Caves Park. We got there at the tail end of the hunt. The website said the hunt for her age group starts at 12:10. We got there at 12:00 but the hunt had already started. It's so funny because in the previous years, we had trouble with the Easter Egg hunt. Last year, I made a mistake of taking her on a Sunday when it was on a Saturday (Easter 2010). Then in 2008 or 2009, we were trying to go to 2 hunts and we were just in the nick of time arriving at the Grover Beach hunt. The problem was that the hunt area was closed off from where we parked and we couldn't run in to the already in progress hunt. Phil made a comment that at least this year we're closer to the actual time. Anyway, Isabella still managed to get 3 eggs:).

After the hunt we went for lunch at Pierside Cafe by the beach

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