Scrapbooking Days

I came across these photos of our old home back in 2005 when I turned our third garage into a sscrapbooking/hobby room.

See the garage on the left? That's the one I decided to convert into a craft room because of its arched windows only to find out I felt so detached from the rest of the family. We sold this home in September of 2006 in favor of what I call our "smaller with bigger soul" home by the beach.
Old images of this home is available here. There is a wonderful story behind our finding and selling this home....but that has to wait until another post. I have to do another activity for my "luxury of solitude for myself" day.




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Cecile said...

Awww - I remember the endless days and nights we spent crafting and creating memories in this beautiful space you made for us, was great fun!