Easter 2010

After Easter Sunday service at New Life Church, the kids and I had brunch and headed at the Dinosaur Caves Park for easter egg hunt...or so we thought. The event was Saturday and not Sunday (lol). Oh well, it got us all together and that's really what is important anyway. Bless my kids hearts...even the big boys made the most out of it by enjoying the park. See for yourself...

and of course I savored the moment and the view (it was a gorgeous day) even though it was my fault for confusing the dates:)

Russ arrived from Union City shortly after and met us at the Park.

Leaving from the park, Phil discovered he was missing his phone. He remembered it fell from his jacket pocket while we were at church. Thinking the same thing happened, we searched the park but to no avail.

Russ, Isabella, and I went grocery shopping while Phil drove home in hopes of somehow finding his phone there. I prayed for him to find his phone and sure enough it was found. Ian spotted it in the backyard. Phil laid his jacket there when he tried to fix our backyard umbrella during our pit stop after church. And the rest of the day was blissful Easter 2010 memory.

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