Chicago Trip - Day 3

Day 3 - Tuesday - June 29, 2010

Sorry not much pictures of the day. I started having cough and asthma not to mention my back pain still bothering me. But I refuse to allow ailments to stop us from enjoying this experience.

Our normal morning schedule consists of taking the Subway to Joffrey Ballet, breakfast at our hotel room or at McDonald's. Then Ian and I will either take the Subway back or walk back to the hotel. Today we walked back. I was determined to get my exercise (I promised myself before we left for Chicago) despite the ailments. Crashed as soon as we arrived the hotel, of course:)

Our afternoon schedule consists of walking to Joffrey to pick up Isabella at 4:20pm. Then we either stop at Subway for sandwich or at Foodlife at the Water Tower.

After picking up Isabella today we stopped at Russian Pointe dance shop to purchase a new jazz shoes (she thought her old one was ok but started hurting after a while of dancing...too small).

We got the chance to stop at a penny machine for Isabella's collection.

here's some photos from yesterday's escapades...Isabella trying to finish her "treasure hunt" at the Millennium Park.

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