Panama 2010

We arrived safely here in Panama yesterday, Saturday, July 24th. We will be here for 2 weeks for Isabella's summer dance intensive under Ms. Yoira Esquivel Brito and Ms. Amparo Brito, mother/daughter ballet masters.

We are staying at a bed and breakfast in Panama City together with 7 other ballet families.

Everything is in Spanish and most of the people we spoke to didn't speak English. Isabella is so thankful for the few Spanish words she learned from Dora the Explorer show. Muchas gracias Dora!

Today we toured around Panama City and visited Mis Pueblitos (My Little Villages) featuring cultural replicas of three villages that represent the main cultural influences of Panama.

Spanish Village

Caribbean Village

Indigenous Village

This place reminds of Nayong Pilipino in the Philippines that also highlights miniature versions of the Philippines and its culture.

After the tour, we went swimming at a public pool.

We headed back to the bed and breakfast around 5pm. After shower, Isabella watched ballet on you tube and started dancing.

We ended the day with a quick trip to the mall with 4 other families (we took 3 taxi cabs).

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