Isabella's 10th Birthday Bash

Isabella's 10th Birdthday party this Saturday was a huge success.
Thanks to the help of wonderful family and friends.
Here are some few photos I managed to take.

delectable mocha/chocolate photo birthday cake from Goldilocks
yes, the photo is an edible marshmallow frosting
Photo by Cecile of Papelle Photographie

Our backyard
decorated with the help of my GFF from Pismo Beach, Tessie.

The yummy food prepared by my wonderful mom
with the help of dad Dennis,
auntie Virgie visiting all the way from New York,
and Flor all the way from the Philippines.

menu included
my mom's vegetable lumpia, pork and chicken adobo,
beef kaldereta, and fruit salad
ordered chinese chicken salad and shrimp cakes
salmon especially prepared by dear ate Cecile
pancit from our sweet neighbor, Aling Linda
shrimp balls from my dear cousin, ate Edna
Auntie Virgie's specialties...lumpia shanghai, cassava dessert,
and suman (sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves)

Karaoke fun lasting 'til midnight

and of course, jolly jumper fun complete with obstacle course and a slide.
It was a hit with the kids and kids-at-heart.

The festivities started with a precious prayer from Pastor Anne
Thanks to all our wonderful guests who made the event so much fun
We are so blessed to have the best family and friends

Happy Birthday Darling Isabella!

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