Saturdays: Nutcracker Rehearsals and Family Bonding Day

I started writing this while waiting at the San Francisco Ballet. Saturdays are fast becoming a great family bonding day for us (at least for the three of us - myself, DH Russ, and DD Isabella; as for the boys, let's just say that waiting at the ballet school is not exactly in their list of drag times:)

It's been 6 weeks since Isabella started attending San Francisco Ballet School after auditioning last September 12th. The audition marked the beginning of our Saturday family time. Then last September 26th, Isabella got an opportunity to experience another audition, this time for a part in San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker production. She tried out for a role for girls under 4'7 as one of the 8 adorable clowns to dance with a big bear in Madame Du Cirque scene in Act 2. You can read about The Nutcracker Story here. Two of Isabella's brothers, Phil and Ian, joined us that day. We had lunch at Japan town in between her morning class and the audition. After lunch the boys took the bart home. Russ and I spent time together while waiting during the two-hour long audition.

Isabella was called to rehearse. Last October 3rd was their first rehearsal day. We had lunch with a couple of her classmates that day (in between her class and rehearsal) at Arlequin Cafe on Hayes Street.

Last week, October 10th, though there were no classes due to memorial day holiday, rehearsals were on. So after rehearsals that day we spent the afternoon at Union Square. We went shopping at Macy's after a great lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Isabella had a wonderful time looking for "the perfect" dress. And she was able to find a couple of "perfect" dresses (def: size 7-8, girly yet grown up dress, and on sale:))

Today we had lunch at Sage Cafe right behind SF Ballet with one of her classmates. Then after rehearsals we headed to Pleasanton to attend a birthday party at Super Frank's Fun Adventure. Russ, though tired, enjoyed watching Isabella have a great fun time playing at the arcade and riding their zip line. It was yet another wonderful Saturday family bonding day.

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Cecile said...

this is a great blog of your rehearsal sessions....this is so inspiring for everyone who read...for me especially.