Happy Halloween '09

Another creative halloween year for us. Isabella is a boom box this year (her own idea). We worked on it the night before her halloween parade after her SF ballet class.

She said it was a hit at school. Schoolmates would push the play button and she would personally play their requested song, tapping on the sides to drum the beat. Creative eh?

Kuya Phil came to help her carve a pumpkin. This year's design: "puking" pumpkin:)

Presenting...Our Puking Pumpkin

check out last year's "mooning" pumpkin

Isabella and I went trick-or-treating with our respective BFF's, dear ate Cecile with her DD, Krystn. We had fun collecting the girls' candy stash to last them the entire year (or so we hope:) We also had a great time looking at decorated "haunted" homes. Then we went home and the girls had fun trading candies.

The precious halloween night was followed by another precious day...my birthday.

My day started with a bang...precious greetings from wonderful friends and family...including birthday song from Tess and Steven from Pismo over the cell phone.

Then we were off to church. Being that it was the first Sunday, birthdays and anniversaries for the month are recognized. Isabella stood up and announced my special day. Then my dear tita Rose, my spiritual mentor, prepared a special fish dish for me (she knows I love to eat but not to cook:)

Arriving home from church I was surprised with gifts from my BFF, dear ate Cecile, including a delectable cake from Red Ribbon, my fave...choco mocha crunch...yummy!

After church we celebrated my birthday at World Gourmet Restaurant in Fremont.

My day was ended with a wonderful visit from no other than my BFF, ate Cecile.

It was a wonderful birthday for me. I am so blessed. Thank you dear Lord for the blessing of great family and friends.

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