{Simply Grateful}

  • for safe drive to/from Union City
  • for a chance to get together and have delightful conversations with great friends
    splendid dinner at Kioku Sushi with birthday girl, ate Cecile, the epitome of 47 at its best...inside and out
    glorious lunch the following day at Gerry's Grill with another beautiful friend inside and out, ate Janette.
        fantastic lunch with Tessie who took time to visit me yesterday for a chance to fellowship and help me get moving on my to do list (dental appointments and kitchen countertop; she called dentists and granite shops)
        • for finished kitchen cabinet painting...one big to-do project finally checked off...feels soooo good.
        • for a very nice new laptop (purplely pink complete with swirly flower designs)...perfect mother's day present.

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