Busy May

This month has definitely been one of my busiest and the month has not even ended yet.

My busy month of May commenced with a drive to Union City during the first weekend. Simply Grateful for a chance to get together and engage in delightful conversations with great friends.

Upon return to Pismo I was ecstatic to finally finish my cabinet painting project. Then there was the wonderful times fellowshipping with my friend Tessie.

The completion of my cabinet painting fueled the onset of long desired decorating projects...hence, the "busyness" (i.e.: calling for and setting up appointments for quotes, attending a Home Expo, shopping:)

Then there was Isabella's rehearsals and performances. She had 3 shows this month, 4 if we were to include the "end-of-session show" of her Taking to the Stage acting class (a show of all the acting games they played throughout the 7-wk session). Not to mention her big school project involving a diorama of giraffe habitat. Thanks to my scrapbooking paraphernalia...most especially the papers came in very handy. She did her own report at school including a powerpoint presentation. I can't wait to see it during open house next week (another entry on my not-over-yet May calendar). Oh and there was her school's 3rd graders music show last week. I think that sums it for Isabella.

As for my own personal appointments (besides the decorating frenzy), There is my dental issue. A dreaded item on my list. The dread stems not from the possible physical pain but from the impossible cost. Almost a thousand dollars for a root canal! not to mention another grand for a crown! That's an expense I'd rather put on my dated kitchen. Oh well, so I "canvassed" the most reasonable dentist in the area. I found a very nice dental office offering a discount to cash paying patients. Unluckily, come to find out after my second appointment, the dentist can't get to my canals. Thus, requiring a referral to a specialist...an endodontist (who of course charges more and does not offer cash discounts). So not only am I back to square one, I have to pay more moolah. All that time and anesthesia... wasted.

Despite all that I am choosing to stay happy. And boy am I happy...I love God and He loves me. Well you think that sums it up for me? Not.

There is my car issue. The engine light went on and the van started driving "funny" or should I say more like "scary". It had bursts of power then it slows down. It felt like I was riding a horse:) So on to calling reasonable shops. Found one! I was lucky to schedule a Tuesday appointment when Phil is home to drive me around. Like I said God loves me.

So you think I'm done for the month? Well guess again...there is my new dance class. No, not the body jam class at the gym. As if I'm not busy enough, Tessie and I enrolled in the adult jazz class at CDMA (we will be performing at the Studio Show on June 29th). The group has been working on the dance and they are almost done. We are confident we can catch up (or I should say at least Tessie is). O.k. I'm done for now....time for my loving family and my loving God.

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