Home Projects

...are keeping me happily occupied these days. I finally finished painting the kitchen cabinets and installing knobs. I am now on to drapes and granite shopping. Thanks to a willing son who is able to assist as needed (i.e. putting back kitchen cabinets and cutting the rod). Isabella and I attended a Home Expo over the week-end at the Madonna Expo Center after her successful show at Dinosaur Caves Park where she performed a solo number for Broadway Baby (stay tuned for the video). Then we finished the day with some shopping at downtown SLO. I got my first estimate for granite countertop at the expo. I am thinking of a black granite called Uba Tuba and possibly travertine backspash. I can't wait to have it installed. It should complement the newly painted cabinets quite nicely, I hope.

Well, here are some before and after photos of my recent projects.

Before photo of kitchen

After (for now...before the granite countertop)

Before photo of family room/kitchen dining area


It feels great checking off "to-do's". Besides the kitchen cabinets, I was able to check off traffic school, which I did over the internet (for my speeding ticket from spring break:)), ; and my dreaded dental appointments (dreading not the physical pain but pain from the cost:))
Stay tuned for more home projects:) I have quite a ways to go and I am looking forward to it all.

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