{Simply Grateful 12/5/2007}

  • for sons who are willing and able to do a temporary fix to my van (the radiator fluid burst just as I was pulling into the driveway; it was an alarming sight as it steamed and leaked all over the front}
  • that the car mishap happened at home and not in the middle of my school bus service
  • for a sweet darling daughter who, at my stressful moment, says to me "mom breathe remember you're too blessed to be stressed" (we saw this quote while shopping for a present for the birthday of a classmate last Saturday)
  • christmas shopping started yesterday and halfway done
  • halfway done with christmas cards
  • for my son, Phil, who after his review session last Sunday, bought our christmas tree and put it up
  • for a chance to decorate the tree with Isabella
  • for a quality time with Ian last Monday
  • for my son, Immanuel, who put up outdoor christmas lights

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