December 07

Can you believe we are at the year's end? I can't. This month went by so fast. I don't think I have to recount where it went. We're all in the same boat this time of shopping, wrapping, cards, newsletter, parties. I will recount anyway to account for some other exciting things that happened. Let me start where I left off...cabinet painting. well, I had to put that on hold ( I stopped with 2 doors left on the 1st half section).

1st week - started newsletter, Christmas cards and Christmas shopping
12/6 (Thu) - van trouble (radiator cracked)
12/7 (Fri) - Russ arrived early morning
Belle's award recognition at school
Owen, Josh & Troy arrived around 5pm in time for holiday festivities at the pier
12/8 (Sat) - Avila Valley Barn & Morro Bay
12/9 (Sun) - Body Jam class with Owen, church, then mom drove back to U.C. w/ Russ
2nd week - Christmas preparation continued (mom missing in action)
12/14 (Fri) - Ian stayed home
12/15 (Sat) - Russ arrived
12/16 (Sun) - church with Russ ( I have to account for this...special:)
12/18 (Tues) - Immanuel arrived around 2:30 via grandma's Mazda Tribute for Psych finals rained really hard, flooding at AG High, Phil picked up Belle (also at Ballet later)
12/19 (Wed) - Ian minimum day; we went to DMV in Santa Maria (I was able to renew my license but was not able to apply for Ian's learner's permit as we did not bring along the necessary requirements)

Here's the highlight of this month (besides the birth of my 2 Immanuels of course, The first Immanuel, my Shepherd, the second, my sheep)

after I picked up Isabella from school she asked if Immanuel is home. I said yes but he went with Phil to the beach. She got sad because she wanted to play with him. So I said we'll stop at the beach to watch them surf and boogie board. As we were walking in the sand we spotted Ian and Immanuel playing volleyball. Isabella was so happy and started running towards her brothers. As I was watching them play I wrote on the sand "a little piece of heaven".

12/21 (Fri) - finished the remaining 2 cabinets left on the 1st half section
12/22 (Sat) - picture taking at Coastal Dance
drove to Union City (1:30-3:30)
12/23 (Sun) - church; car shopping with Immanuel (trading his Supra)
get together with ate Edna and family and Paz and family at our house
12/24 (Mon) - last minute Christmas shopping; Christmas Eve party at the Magcale's
12/25 (Tue) - opening presents with the whole family (including Krystal)
Krystn came over then Isabella spent the afternoon with the Janiceks
12/26 (Wed) - sleep over with Krystn at our house
12/27 - present - PMS then the thing after pms; Russ and I got sick (Russ is battling a very bad cough; my usual asthma, recovering a little bit today)

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however did I miss this post....but I love reading this...especially the point when you wrote your own "awareness" in the sand...a piece of heaven..yes indeed!!!! Such priceless moments that just give you a glimpse of what heaven must be like!!! Surrounded by love...that's what you are! said...

and your thoughts on the birth of your two Immanuels (Your Shepherd and your sheep)...I love sounds like the start of a chapter of your biography....lovely!!!!!