I am 40!

I turned 40 today!...and I am very blessed. I have been celebrating all week delighting in everything and everyone around me, going shopping with my mom, enjoying going to the gym, and most especially immersing myself in the presence of my Creator through prayer, meditation and journaling...I am truly blessed.

My dear husband arrived yesterday in time for trick or treating. We took Belle out with Ian while Phil and grandma stayed home to give out candies. Immanuel went out with friends (or so he says:)). Ian and I joyfully watched dad and Belle rang doorbells as we enjoyed hugging and massaging each other by the sidewalk (it was a chilly halloween night...just a bit...perfect for hugging).

I spent the morning of my birthday doing my regular schedule of taking kids to school, meditation, and some housework. Then I took mom to her physical therapy. Russ took me out to lunch at Yanagi Sushi while Phil picked up grandma. After lunch I did some paperwork then it was time to pick up Ian. Russ picked up Belle, and I took Ian to get his long overdue physical clearance for his wrestling requirement (though we waited for over an hour at the doctor's office, it was a nice mother-son bonding time). When we got home, mom was preparing pansit and there was a cake and present from Russ and Belle. Then we had a joyful family dinner when Immanuel got home from school. The day was ended with Russ and Belle singing in the karaoke...and oh! sweet well wishes from friends and family closest to my heart...what a blessed 40th birthday!

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