In Awe

I can't believe...'s been 5 months since I last blogged. So much has happened in the last 5 months that I do not know where to begin. I guess I'll start where I left off - boasting of my husband's complete trust - including trust in making an offer on a property he hasn't even seen.

...we ended up purchasing a property in Pismo Beach. What a find! and what a blessing! I can't quite put into words the emotions that swells up from within. The mere thought of this place we now call home, well second home for now, but home sweet home nonetheless, makes my heart overflow with thanksgiving.

...we sold Sloan and moved back to Ojai Loop (See separate blog. Careful thought and lots of prayers went into the decision making process)

Outline of what has transpired in the course of 5 months:

  • April - Listed Ojai Loop then pulled off the market; Made an offer in Pismo Beach
  • May - "Designed to Sell" Sloan - i.e. lots of cleaning; Ojai renovation shopping
    Memorial day weekend - trip to Disneyland w/ Krystal & Family for Krystal's b-day and ate Edna and family for JJ's b-day
  • Jun - Listed Sloan and closed escrow on Pismo; Renovation on Ojai
  • July - continue cleaning Sloan and renovation on Ojai
  • August - Moving to Ojai and Pismo w/ the help of Krystal and family
  • September 1- Closed on Sloan

...we endured and accomplished all these toilsome tasks

...we finished just in time for back-to-school

... we exceeded our expectations

Actually, I can believe it! Because God was with me the whole, entire time. Sure there were problems along the way - but I went through the plight with God by my side. Now when I look back, I'm in awe and overflowing with thanksgiving.

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