Divine Guidance

We sold Sloan and moved back to Ojai. I assure you the decision making process did not go without much careful thought and prayers. What started this BIG decision? The deliberation was initiated by the desire to purchase a property in Pismo Beach. This has been at the back of my mind since we toured Cal Poly as Phil’s prospective college last year.

On my “Right on the money” blog, I wrote about doing what is right for you before you do what is right for your money. Our money must create peace of mind for us. This meant we needed to sell one of the properties. Purchasing a third property without selling one of the other two would create anxiety instead of peace of mind. So came the careful deliberation and LOTS of PRAYERS.

If you look back at my earlier blogs, I spoke of my desperation regarding being a landlord. All I wanted then was to sell Ojai and not have to worry about a rental property. So the offer I made for the Pismo property was contingent on selling Ojai - for 1031 exchange for tax purposes. The offer was not accepted with contingency. I really liked the property so I was willing to remove the contingency provided they give it to me at the price I want. I did get the price I want and it was creative financing from then onto close of escrow of Sloan. Selling Sloan allowed us maximum tax exemption while keeping Ojai allowed us lower property taxes. A great turn of decision making don’t you think? I truly think we had divine guidance.

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