The key to happiness

Despite the busy schedule of our trip to Pismo Beach, it gave me some time to reflect. As I was watching my kids enjoying and loving each other, I was overwhelmed with the love of GOD. I felt very blessed. I truly love my chosen career of a full time stay at home mom. I did not realize the importance of my chosen career until now. Being closer to the Lord truly brings happiness. There is no key to happiness. The door is always open.
I also realized the blessings given to me as a wife. My husband is on a business trip to Australia for three weeks. He is constantly trying his best to take care of us. I call him to inform of my desire to purchase property in Pismo Beach. He responds: "I completely trust your judgement". What a blessing! Not too many wives can boast of this.

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You are Blessed indeed! Keep on "Dancing with the Lord"