Coppelia Premiere

All the hard work from the grueling rehearsals for Coppelia paid off and are all so worth it! These photos I purchased from Erik Tomasson Photography and the awesome reviews say it all. It was a magnificent production...from the costumes, to the sets, to the music, and the dancers...all superb!

It was certainly a wonderful opportunity and quite an honor for Isabella being a part of this glorious premiere.

Excerpts from the Reviews:
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"And let's hear it for the San Francisco Ballet School, which contributed 24 girls, all in blushing pink tulle, for the demanding combinations of the Waltz of the Golden Hours, and all looking like Makarovas in the making. This show stopping moment suggests that there's a message in giving dancing opportunities for everyone in this Galician town".

“Coppélia” is very big, featuring what seems to be the entire company, including dozens of children from the ballet school in the wedding scene and the Waltz of the Golden Hours. Decades into the future, famous dancers will include “Coppélia” in the War Memorial as stage debut on their résumés".

from the California Literary Review
"This production is, in a word — glorious! ..." But Act III really sold this production. Picture 24 little girls, in gold-sequined pink tutus and tiaras — genius. Besides looking completely adorable, the young corps performed with grace and professionalism.

What an advertisement for the San Francisco Ballet School! If I were a parent in the audience and wanted to find ballet training for my child, Act III of this Coppélia would pretty much dictate my choice.
"In the middle of Act III comes the “Waltz of the Golden Hours” – a 7-part collection of exhibition dancing – essentially a celebration connected to the village’s dedication of a new set of bells and the wedding of Swanilda and Franz..... Opening the festivities were 24 very young ballerinas – all in amazing form, with unified gestures, precision poses, and adorned in the most exquisite tutus a little girl ever dreamed of."

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