Overflowing with joy and gratitude

It is inspiring and heavenly to a mother's heart to witness her child's dedicated, conscientious, and passionate efforts. Isabella had more homework than normal last night (including a project for her core classes). As soon as we arrived from ballet (about 8:30pm) she's off to her study area (as always) (oh!... but not before the usual "show" of what she learned in ballet...it had to be a short one this time). She finished all her homework and projects (past 11pm) and showed me her grades online....she's striving to maintain her straight A's....a passion for learning...for dance...for life....what more can a mother ask for? I am overflowing with gratitude..."Every good and perfect gift is from above" (James 1:17)

Another delight to a mother's heart....when all her children continuously manifest sincere love and support toward one another. Isabella is blessed with wonderful, supportive, and able brothers. She has three excellent resources for homework checking when dad is unavailable (unfortunately this is not mom's department:)). Her first line of recourse is Immanuel (since he's the one here with us...brings to mind the meaning of Immanuel's name: "God with us"). If Immanuel is unavailable (i.e. "in music"), thanks to video conferencing she can take advantage of another great resource...Phil all the way in Pismo Beach. She has not gotten to her third option, Ian, as yet (though Ian was her first possible reference before he went off to Cal Poly). They all enjoy providing love and support to their little sister and to one another....truly a great joy and pure heavenly delight to a mother's heart and soul. Praise God!

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