Happy 11th Birthday Isabella

Our family's darling angel princess is now 11 years old.

I feel so blessed having a daughter who is my angel on earth. Isabella is wise beyond her 11 years. I learn so much from her everyday. She's the one who gave me the quote "too blessed to be stressed" during one of our library days when we were in Pismo Beach back in 2007 and it has become my mantra since. She also has a lot of sense of humor (something she got from her dad:) Our conversations are filled with fun bits of wisdom. We look forward to our daily drive to and from San Francisco Ballet as it is always filled with blessed and fun chats.

One of her recent out-of-the-blue remark during our commute: "Mom, I'm so glad God gave me to you and made the doctor not tie your tubes before you had me". You see, in one of our commute conversations I mentioned that after I had her brother Ian, I asked the doctor to tie my tubes so I won't have another baby since I already have 3. The doctor said he does not advise it since I was still young then. I told her I'm so thankful that the doctor didn't grant my request. According to Isabella it was part of God's plan:) Praise the Lord God indeed for the gift of an angel daughter.

True to the saying like mother, like daughter, Isabella and I share a lot of the same interests. We enjoy many activities together. We love going to the library, reading books over tea, writing, dancing, watching movies, shopping for matching outfits and shoes:) and even exercising and cleaning together. She is truly my angel on earth.

As a student, Isabella is an ardent learner. Her passion for learning gives her the discipline and motivation in everything she chooses to do. Her 6th grade Science teacher recently wrote: "I'm enjoying Isabella very much. I totally agree that she is very self-motivated. You are lucky parents indeed. In many ways, she seems years older than her peers, but she never shows frustration with their silliness."

(see previous comments here from her other teachers)

As most of you know, she has a demanding schedule with her daily ballet training at SFB. As soon as we arrive home from ballet, she goes straight to her study room to do her homework. And what's so admirable and awesome about it is that she goes to that room full of anticipation and enthusiasm in completing her work. Then she tries to finish as efficiently as she can so that she'll have time to show me the dance combination she just learned. And when I say efficient, I mean going above and beyond what is required. Like for example, in a recent assignment, the teacher asked for sentences using at least 8 of their spelling words. Isabella had fun writing a whole story using 13 of their vocab. words. Then I remember her brother Immanuel upon checking her math work that night, served her with his own concoction of freshly blended apple/jackfruit/pineapple smoothie. You see, being the only girl, Isabella is lavished with love:) She is also an angel sister to her brothers. And I am a mom in heaven:)

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