Ian's High School Graduation

graduation ceremonies started at 9am

here we are while waiting for Ian to come out after the ceremonies

as soon as Ian got out, we headed to Newark buffet for a family lunch

Then we headed home to prepare for Ian's celebration. We picked up balloons and cakes and we even had the chance to browse at Best Buy for Ian's gaming computer system. Phil said he will build it for him and make it "the ultimate" gaming system:)

Phil: "Anyway, you're going with mom and Belle to Chicago for 3 weeks. I should have it done by the time you come back".

Ian was happy at the prospect knowing his brother's expertise and capabilities.

Here's grad and mom posing in the backyard:)

Then we headed to our venue: City Beach in Fremont. Everything was all set when we got there. All we had to do was set up our entertainment system (i.e. karaoke:) Unfortunately, I left the plug at home. It was all good...there were plenty of things to do....basketball, badminton, pool table, foosball, table tennis, and huge jolly jumpers. This is why we selected this venue. The kids love these activities. Everyone enjoyed playing. More photos here and here.

Inside the Program:

Message from the family

To our guests….

Thank you for joining us in celebrating our youngest son’s graduation. We are indeed very proud of Ian’s accomplishments. As some of you know, we moved to Pismo Beach before the end of his first semester at Logan High, thus adversely affecting his grades. He worked hard at Arroyo Grande High School despite the setback and undesired change. And today, we celebrate his determination and perseverance. Thank you for sharing in our joy. Blessings to you all.

To our graduate….

Dearest Ian,

We are so very proud of all your hard work, perseverance, and patience. As you move on to the next chapter of your life, may you remain the good person that you are. As you continue to strive and chase your dreams, always remember that your family will always be here to support and love you. Congratulations son!

Message from the graduate

To my family and friends….

This is it! I am so happy I’m finally done with high school! I am looking forward to the next phase of my life when I attend Cal Poly in the fall. I plan to major in Business Administration with a concentration on Information Systems Management. I am excited at the prospect of experiencing dorm life during my first year. My education thus far has been a fruitful learning experience not only academically but emotionally as well. I am blessed to have the loving support of wonderful family and friends like you. With that said, I feel well prepared for the road ahead. I believe that your encouragement and prayers will continue to be a key part of my success in future endeavors. For all your support, past, present, and future, I will forever be grateful.

Thank you so much for coming to celebrate with me.

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