SFBallet Student Showcase....A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

OMG! The student showcase last night was incredible. Awesome. Amazing.

It was extra exciting for me. It's our first time and I knew that our DD, Isabella, was going to be front and center. Her class is the very first number as they are the youngest group. Even though I knew her staging, when the curtain opened and I saw her right front and center by herself amongst 46 students, it was a sight to behold for a mom like me. It was a very short piece but it certainly was our daughter's very own moment of glory and I couldn't be prouder. Unfortunately my husband missed it. Traffic and misplaced ticket kept him from getting to the show. The shows are all sold out but I'm not losing hope. I am praying that something will manifest for him tomorrow and be able to watch our daughter's moment of glory.

The show was a huge success. I was truly in awe of the amazing choreography and execution. A huge thank you goes out to the awesome teachers who have given her great training and inspiration. What a blessing!

more to follow....I have to prepare my little ballerina for tonight's show. For now here's a photo I managed to take during intermission.

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