Amazing Grace

God's amazing's the only explanation how my husband walked out of this car accident of this magnitude with just very few minor scratches. The paramedics and policemen on the scene couldn't believe it either.

It happened on highway 101 in Salinas on his usual weekly trip to Pismo Beach every Sunday (this time it was very early Monday morning). My DH, Russ, passed out and woke up being pulled out from his wrecked car.


He has a guardian angel for sure!
This is part of a message I received from Ms. Tara (one of Isabella's beloved dance teachers at CDMA). It reminded me of a piece of "angelic" story I failed to mention about this incident. Russ said that while he was being checked after the accident, there was a white bunny sitting by his car. When the paramedics asked him if it was his, and he said no, they attempted to get the bunny but it ran away. We can't help but think that the white bunny might have been a sign of his guardian angel. Thank you dear heavenly Father for your supernatural protection.

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Chad said...

I know that you do not know me, and I am sorry to intrude, but is Russ ok? Did he end up going to the Dr.? You are right someone is watching over him...