Mission Project and Family Time

Presenting.... Isabella's final 4th grade project.... a model of Mission San Juan Bautista. At last we're done! We have been working on it for the past 2 weekends. I am so glad I can finally check it off from my list.

Now she needs to work on her directive speech. In preparation for it, she and big brother Phil baked banana bread. It was a yummy snack perfect for celebrating our completed project. Aahhh...bliss!

A photo from our visit at the Mission last spring break

besides the Mission project, I was joyfully kept busy preparing graduation announcements and sampling restaurants....another great task perfect for precious family bonding time.

Last Thursday, the boys and I had a lunch date at Steamers of Pismo.

This past Saturday we spent a great afternoon watching Isabella and CDMA's dance troupes perform at the Strawberry Festival. After Isabella's dance show, she had fun at the game booths with her friend Gabby. Then we were off to another family lunch date at Spyglass Inn Restaurant.

(Of course I forgot to take photos so I just took the restaurants' photos from their website:).

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