My First Drive By...Inspiring Homes On My Street

When I came across Melissa's drive-by posts at the Inspired Room several months ago, I was hooked. Ever since then I had been meaning to do my own drive-by. Finally I got the chance. I took advantage of the time when I needed to drive my car around the block to make sure the battery stayed alive after jump starting it. It was a great start. I love the homes on my street. Hopefully I will continue to have the chance...there are so many inspiring homes in Pismo Beach. It was kind of scary doing a drive by and a bit embarrassing:) so I just took one shot of each home and moved on to the next. Hopefully when I get a little bit more experienced at it I'll be able to take closer shots.

Presenting my first inspiring English style home.

Directly across from it is this very nice Southwestern style abode.

And next to it...I could have taken a much better shot if I weren't so time:)

And at the end of the block...safari inspired?

This last one is one of the homes we considered making an offer on when we were looking for homes in the area almost 3 years ago. Beautiful inside too but the thought of too much mortgage and too much cleaning made us shy away from it.

Until my next drive-by...wish me luck!


Pearl Maple said...

Fun when other bloggers take us out for drive bys, never know what fun things you might get to see.

Thanks for sharing with us all who are fans of the inspired home, always so many nice folks to meet there.

Jasmine @ The Suburban Sentiment said...

Thanks for sharing, Imelda.

It's true: that initial taking of photos and hoping no one stops and starts asking you questions is always in the back of my mind. It's the same when I see something lovely in a store, and quickly pull out my mobile phone to take a pic.

You've got a great variety of homes on your street. And they are massive! Love big homes, but the cleaning part always brings me back to reality.

Can't wait to see more in future!