Home Projects Continued

writing this while the kids are at the park. Here are some photos to share as I enjoy the fruits of my decorating labor (I moved from the kitchen to the living/dining room while I contemplate granite choices) I was shopping with my GFF Tessie one day and we saw this dining table that I truly love. Tessie is my new shopping buddy. Though we are so different in our shopping "attitudes" (frugal me and the 'not-so-frugal-at-all' Tess) we truly enjoy shopping together. Well, here are some of the photos of the fruits of our shopping escapades.

here is a shot as you come in through the front door. The big iron candle holder was given to me by Tessie. The bookcase is from Costco (thanks to Phil and Ian who helped put it together); the curtain rod is from Pottery Barn and the panel is from a local decorating shop.

Our new sofa and loveseat from Model Home Furnishings. I'm planning on changing the wall sconces to iron ones to reflect a more old world style I'm going for. I'm also planning on doing a different finish on the sofa table behind the sofa (thinking of applying mosaic design on top)

Our new Dining Room old world style

will be changing the chandelier to iron old world/tuscan look.

Here are my 'before' photos of our old formal black and white dining room

and its matching formal black and white living room


cecile@papelle.com said...

So much warmer. MissI! I love it...really cozy and inviting. And i do believe the mosaic table top will do wonders to this. But you will need to share your technique because I would not know where to start but love the idea thoroughly!

cecile@papelle.com said...

And you know how I just love the Old World/Mission style elements - it's my favourite style of all time!!!