CDMA Studio Show

CDMA's 2nd annual studio show culminated yesterday, Sunday, June 29th at the Clark Center for the Performing Arts . It was a successful two-hour show featuring all the talented students of CDMA in a myriad of exhilarating dance numbers (jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, hip hop and music). We feel so honoured to be a part of this collaboration of talents headed by CDMA's Director, Kathy Schultz, and Assistant Director, Tara Behnke (Kathy's lovely daughter). We are so grateful to them for bringing out the best in our Isabella.

Isabella was in a total of 8 numbers:

  1. Billy Jean - Tap
  2. Cooties - Repertory Class/Jazz
  3. La Danse Pour Jeunes Filles - Friday Ballet
  4. Shop Around - Jazz
  5. Waiting on the World to Change - Tuesday Ballet
  6. Rhythm of the Rain - tap dance to her dad's guitar accompaniment
  7. All You Need is Love - theatrical dance depicting CDMA's story
  8. You Can't Stop The Beat - Jazz/Tap Finale
She enjoyed and gave her all in every single number. We were stopped on our way to our car in the parking lot by several people, some of them we don't even know, congratulating us on Isabella's superb performance.We are all so proud of her energy, focus and dedication. We truly feel so very grateful for this talent she's blessed with. It is my prayer that she will continue this spirit and someday use it for the glory of the One Who bestowed this incredible talent.

Here are some photos from the dressing room with her wonderful and beautiful friends/dance troupe mates:

Tessie and I were also part of the show. We performed a jazz dance number (Rescue Me) with 3 others from adult jazz dance class.

more photos to follow as they become available.


"Owen" said...

Wow -- how fabulous you ladies look! And proud of her...I feel like a mother to her too!!! (haha - may I borrow, ok?) Looks like you had so much fun --any video of you dancing? said...

So nice Imelda....Isabella looks like a pro dancer. And Owen is right...You and Tessie look Fab!!!!!