Spring Break

We had a wonderfully jam-packed spring break this year.

Commencing with...

  • a fun-filled trip to the ranch

    with my BFF, ate Cecile, and family. It was the most wonderful Easter week-end in the complete company of the people closest to my heart (including the newest addition to our family...Immanuel's "wishbone" dog, Pirate, who had fun playing with Mylo Janicek). Russ left Sunday night with Immanuel, Krystal and Pirate. The Janiceks left Monday morning. We are so thankful they left darling Krystn to spend another day with us. We ended up leaving that evening as it is not the same without the rest of the precious company.

  • Krystn sleeping over

    We arrived back in Union City at 11pm on Monday night; Isabella was beginning to get worried and sad when Krystn started asking for her mommy. To Isabella's delight, Krystn's longing was quickly appeased by a "movie night" featuring Monty Python:) In the morning, they had longanisa (Philippine breakfast sausage). Krystn remembers her dad's words: "the longanisa is short and the shortganisa is long" and she adds: "but there's really no shortganisa":)

Followed by...

  • spring cleaning
  • doctor appointments for routine physical check-ups
  • shopping for my mom's new bed
  • a wonderful dance exercise class (thanks to ate Cecile who took me to her new great gym)
  • a family lunch at Chevy's in celebration of Phil's yet another 4.0 this quarter
  • a great taekwondo class with my boys (just like old times...wonderful!)

Ending with....

  • 39th UC Berkeley taekwondo tournament

    Immanuel joined the tournament after a two year absence. It was a nice time to reconnect with old friends and rekindle the love of this sport we all so miss. We celebrated Immanuel's gold medal afterwards at the Pacific Buffet in Fremont.

  • Isabella's first sleepover

    at BFF, Krystn's, house (BIG thanks to ate Cecile and family; photos here). It was such a perfect first sleepover for her as it was in the company of two great friends, Krystn and Illahe. Her joy was truly indescribable and I could not have asked for a better sleepover girlfriends for my dd.

  • Baptismal party at Holly Center

    Our church member invited us to a baptismal party (Krystal is one of the "ninangs" (godmother)

...and we're off ...back to Pismo Beach....

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cecile@papelle.com said...

The Easter break could not have ended with a bigger bang than this. Thank you for the pleasure of being at the Ranch and having your DD Belle over for her very first SO. I know they will cherish this time spent together and remember it for many days to come.