"Coming of Age"

I can't believe it was 21 years ago when I labored for 32 hours
(from St. Patrick's day until St. Joseph's day).

who was it that once said:
"to give birth to a child
is to share with God a tiny piece of creation"

And today, 21 years later, our first son is now officially an adult.

Today is a very significant day for our first born. Besides his final exams for this quarter, this day marks his "coming of age". Phil is 21 today! At an age when a lot of emphasis is put on alcohol, I feel so blessed knowing my 'official-adult-but-always-my-baby' prefers to play the Super Smash Brothers wii game he asked for. As I am writing this, I hear him enjoying playing with his baby brother and sister. What a blessing! Thank you God. I know that though he may outgrow my mothering, he will never outgrow all the love we have for him.

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