Proud Young Ninang

07/07/07 marks the wedding of Glenna and Regin
David's Restaurant at the Santa Clara Golf Club.

We are proud to be part of this joyous occasion. Glenna is a sister in Christ and my prayer partner. Her husband, Regin, is a brother in Christ from the Faroe islands. They are blessed with love and faith and we are grateful that they asked us to be their ninong and ninang.

Isabella, a flower girl and an entertainer. She performed 2 dance numbers and a taekwondo demo with her kuya Ian.

Russ and I...primary sponsors...proud to be ninong and ninang to the wonderful couple

Ian almost ended up as ring bearer (the ring bearer arrived just in time for his march)

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You must be the youngest sponsor/ninang ever.....ganda naman what you are chic!!!!