DisneyWorld Vacation

Some photos to share from our wonderful trip to Orlando, Florida
will upload the rest to our photosite

June 19 - 26th

Day 6 - rest, swimming, and shopping day

Day 5 - Revisit Epcot
Soarin' is my mom's favorite ride of all which happens to be in Epcot Center, her favorite park.

Day 4 - MGM
this is our 5th time in Orlando and I always refuse to ride on the tower of terror (or any other rides involving heights). well, this time they finally got me to ride this scary elevator ride.

Day 3 - Magic Kingdom

They also got me to ride the splash mountain (i kinda enjoyed it)

Day 2 - Epcot

Regal Palms Resort

We enjoyed the lazy pool and slide

We had a 4 bedroom 4 bath villa

Day 1 - Animal Kingdom

Our favorite ride at Animal Kingdom...Dinosaur

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cecile@papelle.com said...

these are wonderful shots....you look like you had a blast being there.....Imelda, I really miss you - when are you coming back here from Manila???