Week at a glance

  • week-end of 1/27 - we left for Union City on Friday to attend my niece's JJ's baby shower. It was a very busy weekend preparing things to take back to Pismo and organizing/decorating stuff at Ojai. Shopping for, and attended the baby shower on Saturday. Went to 9am service on Sunday and packed up the van for Pismo.

  • 1/31(Wed)-Ian stayed home sick. I used the day decorating and hanging artwork I brought from Ojai.

  • 2/1(Thu)-I went to 9:30 dance class. Then had lunch with Phil at Pierside Cafe. It was a very heartwarming mother and son bonding.

  • 2/2(Fri)-Cleaning day. I was expecting my bible study group. They planned to come and visit but unfortunately ate Lolit's husband got sick and they were worried to leave him alone.

  • 2/3(Sat)-Bubble bath with Belle. Phil took Belle to the park (3hrs!). Belle and I made tags for her valentine's day cards.

  • 2/4(Sun)-I went to 9am service then went grocery shopping and shopping for artwork for our mantel. Had lunch with the kids at Pierside Cafe and watched football with Phil (well sort of - I was decorating at the same time)

  • 2/5(Mon) - I went to the district offfice for a required TB skin test for volunteering at the school. I volunteered at Belle's school from 10-11. I ended up taking her with me as she was itching with hives.

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