Phil....Hero at the Beach

Last Sunday our son, Phil, decided to go boogie boarding at the beach. It was his first time back after a long time since he started working last August. When he was about ready to go home he heard voices calling for help. He saw a man drowning with his clothes on. Apparently the man jumped in looking for his kids who had gone surfing. According to Phil the waves were fierce at that point and the man's clothing did not help the situation. Phil did not hesitate to come to his rescue and lifted him up to his board. According to Phil he was already tired at that point since he had been boogie boarding for quite a while. He hoped for a push from the waves and it came for them. The paramedics and lifeguards came as well. He said people were congratulating him all the way to his car. When Russ told co-workers at their work, one of the Sys. Admin. said he saw the whole thing at the beach from afar and did not realize it was Phil. They all congratulated him at work as well. I believe Phil was sent back to the beach that day for that very purpose. God is so good.

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Owen Millado Donnahoo said...

WoW! Amazing! God is good! Phil was sent there from above:)